Phone needs repair

Simply wondering if you will be able to help me. After reading the blog post, my iphone desires urgent repair. i recently updated it and now it might not switch on. The software is stopping it from doing so, i’ve had the battery changed aswell as the display in order that isn’t always the trouble, I cannot reset my cellphone because the lock button is damaged and i’ve been told that I want to reset my cellphone in order to get it to work again. however there may be no guarantee that resetting the smartphone will get it to paintings. I desperately want to get better my facts such as pix on my telephone but can’t till it is fixed. My cellphone is both in restoration mode or a regular loop of the apple emblem. Is there besides that you could be able to get better my facts? i am determined, is your service no recovery no rate?

53092310-2017-09-04-00-14-53-phone-One Plus 3T

i lately deleted the camera collection report on my One Plus 3T and might very much like to recover all the pix (because it contained all images when you consider that february!!) there ought to be just over a thousand snap shots and they have no longer been sponsored up because i am an imbecile

Vodafone clever ultra 6
need facts getting better from inner garage chip. Motherboard is lifeless/not capable of strength on. validated by way of a smartphone engineer.
Is it feasible with a view to get better facts.
recommended after I known as in this evening “Elliot” would understand if it’s viable to recover it.

As my telephone reminiscence turned into complete, I started deleting snap shots which remained on the phone. I determined to interchange off the telephone after which turn it on but it was stuck at the apple brand. I then connected it to my iTunes however it said i would must repair the cellphone again to the manufacturing facility settings, which I do now not want to do.

i’ve a Galaxy S6 edge grew to become itself off in the course of an in a single day, halfway via a rate cycle and i have now not been capable to show it returned on given that. it’s been unresponsive to stressed and wi-fi charging, all combinations of tender resets, and a battery substitute. i am not certain what else to attempt, aside from to replace the daughterboard, however I do not know if even that could do whatever. The cellphone has constantly suffered bootloops after it become despatched away for a restore to a malfunctioning fast fee facility.